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Welcome to Jim's rest stop on the
Information Super Highway.
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You have found Jim's (RED3KGT) Rest stop just off exit 15 on I-95 in
New Rochelle, New York.

Things to do while at Jim's (RED3KGT)

Check out pictures of Jim's Red 1996 3000GT VR-4

" I'd rather push a 3000GT than drive a Mustang! "

Check out pictures of Jims 1994 Jeep Wrangler.

The summer of 2002 is quickly closing.
The National Gathering of 2002 was fun.
The October Quickning is Over.
Time to think about Ocean City Nine.

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Jimmy (RED3KGT)
I am not as good as I once was
But I am as good ONCE as I ever was....
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